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Turning Stone into Gold: HGU’s Research on Basalt Fibrous Material Makes Progress

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By cooperating with Southeast University and Shangjian Construction Material co. Ltd, the basalt fibrous material institute of Hebei GEO University, using specific skills, has successfully drawn basalt fibrous material with high performance from natural diabase from Fuping County (picture 1). Next, the team will conduct further research and industrial promotion on this fiber. This will have positive impact on the economy of impoverished mountainous areas.

Picture 1 (a) the diabase from Fuping County; (b) the diabase stones from Fuping County; (c) the drawn basalt fibrous material

The Basalt Fibrous Material Institute was initiated by HGU’s distinguished professor, Liu Jialin. After the establishment, the institute has gradually formed a research team with Professor Liu Jialin as the core and over ten doctors as the backbone. The institute has made remarkable achievements in research and study, data processing, laboratory construction, collection of basalt and international exchange and cooperation. In August, Liu Jialin Work Station has officially founded and got funds from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Picture 2. the opening ceremony of HGU Basalt Fibrous Material Institute.

Picture 3. the research team visits the basalt production and applied technology center of Southeast University

Picture 4. Mr. Gao Youzhen, former ambassador to Qatar, and the well-known entrepreneur of Qatar visit HGU to discuss cooperative issues on basalt fibrous material.

Picture 5. Opening Ceremony of Academician Work Station.

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