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Procedure of Recruiting Foreign Teachers

1. The applicant provides a detailed CV and his/her passport page.

2. HGU interviews the applicant via internet or telephone.

3. Initialing the contract

4. The potential foreign teacher provides required documents for the university to apply for his/her Work Permit.

5. The potential foreign teacher applies to the Chinese Embassy for the Z visa with the notification letter of the work permit.

6. The foreign teacher registers at the local Police Station within 24 hours upon the arrival of China.

7. The foreign teacher has physical examination at local designated hospital

8. HGU signs the formal contract with the foreign teacher.

9. HGU applies for foreign teacher’s Work Permit Certificate.

10. HGU helps the foreign teacher to apply for the Residence Permit at the local Police Security Bureau within 30 days upon his/her arrival of China.