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Oene Oenema, the chief scientist of Holland and Nobel Prize winner, visited our school

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Accompanied by Wang Fei, the Director of Talent Recruitment Branch in Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts and Ma Lin the researcher in Agricultural Center of Chinese Academy , Professor Oene Oenema, the chief scientist and the Nobel laureate, came to our our university for a visit in the afternoon of November 9,2016. President Wang Fengming and Vice-president Zhang Xiaoping met Professor Oene Oenema and took part in exchange communication forum.

At the forum, Wang FengMing warmly welcomed Professor Oenema, who is the first Nobel Prize Winner coming to our school. Then, he introduced the historical development and academical characters of our university. Besides, we expect to know more about each other and seek chances to cooperate and communicate with each other by this communication.

Professor Oene Oenema introduced his research fields , the achievements and his educational concept. Li Suimin, the vice-director of the Department of Environment and Resource Engineering, presented the contents and the positive results of studies and governance in edatope, which aroused interests of professor Oene Oenema who enquired of research details from time to time, expressed his eager wish of cooperation, proposed the mentalities, the fields and the methods of cooperation. Meanwhile, he welcomed that students and teachers in our campus to have a further study or study for a Doctor’s Degree in Netherlands.

The head of the International Education Exchange Center and the Research Department attended the meeting and had a discussion.

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