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School of Management Science and Engineering

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Officially founded in January, 2003, School of Management Science and Engineering, with over 1,200 undergraduate students and more than 20 postgraduates, currently has four undergraduate programs, including Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, E-Commerce and Engineering Cost, and two master’s degree programs in Management Science, and Technical Economy and Management. The latter is a provincial key discipline.

School of Management Science and Engineering has one engineering project management stimulation laboratory and four teaching and researching sections: Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, E-Commerce and Engineering Cost. At present, we have 45 faculty and staff, including 35 professional teachers and 10 supporting staff. Among the teachers, there are 6 professors and 13 associate professors. 12 of them have doctor degree, 20 of them have master degree, one is among the second level of the‘333 Talent plan’ of Hebei Province and two are among the third level of the plan.

The school always values discipline and subject construction, keeping up closely with the development of the discipline as well as social economy, adhering to the notion that drive subject construction with discipline construction, while promote curriculum construction with subject construction. Highlight the characteristic of Management Science and Engineering, focus on the two distinctive fields of Development and Management of Engineering Project and Management and Application of Enterprise Information, continuously upgrade the curriculum and the teaching quality, cultivating high quality talents for the society. We now have one excellent course at provincial level and five excellent courses at school level.

The school always attaches great importance to scientific research. We have been undertaking numerous research projects at provincial or national level in the fields of management science and educational reform. In recent years, we have completed or led 6 projects at national level, over 40 projects at or above provincial level; the faculty have achieved 12 awards at or above the third of provincial level, have published 20 monographs and textbooks, over 400 articles in core journals.

Based on excellent teaching quality, solid research ability and efficient teaching management, focusing on students’ comprehensive quality, carrying out a talents training mode of strengthening fundamental education, widening subjects, unifying enrollment and diversifying education modes, forming a atmosphere which is dynamic, practical, unified and progressive. We believe that School of Management Science and Engineering will become a cradle of talents with prominent emphasis, distinguished feature and high quality and efficiency.

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