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School of Law and Politics

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School of Law and Politics was founded in April 2012. It was mergered from the former College of Law and Public Administration. At present,it has three undergraduate majors: Law, Administrative Management, Labor and Social Security. It has a double bachelor's degree of law , a master degree of environmental and resources protection law .The law major originated from the science of economic law in 1994. According to higher education specialty directory adjustment plan of the National Education Ministry, the law major was renamed in 1999. It was approved as "national management major" by the Ministry of Education in 2000. The double bachelor's degree of law was allowed to enroll students in 2013;The master degree of environmental and resources protection law formally began to recruit graduate students in July 2007, It is the earliest professional recruitment for the master's degree in hebei province. "Administrative management major" came from the industrial and commercial administrative professional, officially changed its name in 1999 and began to enroll undergraduates. "Labor and social security major " came from labor economy and formally began to enroll undergraduates in 2003.

School of Law and Politicsis equipped with six teaching and research sections and an experimental teaching center of law. The teaching and research sections include integrative jurisprudence, civil commercial law, economic law, environmental and resources protection law, administrative management and labor and social security. The school has the administrative and teaching office, the party branch , youth League committee,student union and law seminar etc .We also have environmental and resources protection law institute in hebei province .

School of Law and Politics currently has 54 staff, including 8 professors, 17 associate professors, 10 PhD teachers, 5 persons in candidate. 14 full-time teachers obtained a lawyer's practice qualification . We have nearly one thousand students at school.

Under the leadership and care of the party committee of school , We strive to strengthen the construction of leadership thought. We support each other, unity and cooperat, hard working, formed a unity, harmony, positive team atmosphere. All faculty earnestly study and carry out the national education policy, we grasp the spirit and concept of rejuvenating China through science and technology , standing out the educational thoughts , such as aspects of teaching ,management, and service. we have implemented teaching standardization, we also have achieved remarkable results in these things: teachers troop construction, subject construction, specialty construction and daily teaching management . We have the key development disciplines in hebei province--economic law, we have two hebei province-level excellent courses( economic law and administrative management).we have six school-level excellent courses, they include science of civil law、criminal law、 international economic law、civil procedure law、environmental resources law and social security . We pay attention to combining teaching with scientific research, We attach importance to update the knowledge structure of teachers、 improving their quality、 ability and level of scientific research. We have formed a stronger academic research atmosphere. In recent years, teachers published more than 300 papers in the national and provincial journals, published more than 30 academic monographs and textbooks, finished more than 20 provincial level subjects, obtained 10 awards on all kinds of of the provincial or ministerial level. We have one the expert enjoying special government allowances of the state council , one young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution , one outstanding social science young expert, 2 legal experts on ten outstanding young and middle-aged , one specialist in "Social science young and middle-aged experts 50 people project" , one talent promote cultural system " A group of four ", one talent "333" talent project in hebei province. Many teachers serve as consultants and legal adviser insome state organs ,the hebei provincial government, the hebei province people's congress, the high people's court of hebei province, the hebei province people's procuratorate, the hebei province public security department , the shijiazhuang city people's congress. Students won several national、provincial incentives on extracurricular science and technology works. We adhering to the principle cultivating and transporting high quality professional talents for the society , we embody the development idea and school-running characteristics and other multidisciplinary’ infiltration and integration in "Engineering ,management, economy, literature, science, law, art" .We follow the talent training requirements meeting the development of times. we set up the new educational concept that is People-oriented, taking the student as the main body, its aims is to establish new core educational concept by improving the teaching quality and comprehensive quality education.

We believe that the law and politics institute will become a cradle, Cultivating knowledgeable scholars , fair judge , eloquent lawyer , Outstanding leaders , young talents.

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