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School of Accounting

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Founded in 2003, School of Accounting is developed on the basis of the former School of Financial Accounting. Hebei Geo University was established in 1953 and began to recruit geosciences accounting and statistics secondary students in 1956. Since 1977 the universality entrance exam system restored, we started to recruit the geological economic management undergraduate students,enrolled in the geology finance accounting undergraduate students in 1981, recruited auditing college students in 1998, established Financial and Accounting Department on the basis of the original department of economic management on accounting and auditing in 1991, recruited auditing undergraduate students in 1994,.auditing incorporated into the accounting according to the Ministry of Education professional directory adjustment programs in 1998, set up the financial management major and started to recruit the undergraduate student in 2000, obtained a master degree in accounting to award in 2006, recruited graduate accounting in year 2007, recruited college teachers’ in-service master's degree graduate students in 2010, recruited MPAcc in 2015. Now School of Accountinghas the three exiting undergraduate majors of accounting, auditing and financial management, all are first-class undergraduate in Hebei Province. Currently, we have 1072 undergraduate students, more than 80 graduate students.

School of Accounting now has 51 staffs, including of 12 professors, 17 associate professors (there is an additional 6 Professors and 2 associate professors are working at the school functional departments); 12 PhD (postdoctoral), 2 PhD candidates, 95% teachers with master's degrees or above. 12 teachers have achieved certified public accountants, certified tax accountant and certified asset appraiser. School of Accounting has a comprehensive office, counselor office, accounting department, auditing department, financial management department, computerized Accounting, Accounting comprehensive laboratory, MPAcc education center and the Institute of modern accounting and other administrative, teaching and research institutions.

In more than 60 years, all faculty and staff of School of Accounting are conscientiously implementing the Party's education policy, deepening educational reform, and comprehensively improving the level of teaching and talent training quality, continually reforming and improving the teaching content, teaching direction, and teaching methods. We have been achieving remarkable success in discipline, profession and curriculum. Accounting has been listed as a national professional management in 2000, the brand specialty of Hebei Province in year 2010, and a comprehensive reform pilot Professional in 2012. In 2013, it was chosen as the focus of development of the discipline. In 2014, it obtained professional degree (MPAcc) graduate enrollment eligibility and it was approved as Hebei Province College degree (MPAcc) graduate education comprehensive reform pilot units at the same year. In 2015, it was approved as Hebei Province Institute of postgraduate Education practice base. In the course construction it has also made gratifying achievements, "Financial Management" and other 9 courses have been built as a provincial, university-level courses.

In recent years, teachers in School of Accounting are completing the teaching tasks as well as constantly improving their teaching and scientific research ability. We have formed a stable team from cost budget management, internal controls, corporate finance and other aspects, especially achieve the outstanding achievements from the promotion of social and economic work in applied research, local services and other aspects. Successively they published more than 500 papers in the national and provincial journals, published more than 60 academic monographs and textbooks, completed 30 research projects with national, provincial and ministerial level, completed enterprise transverse joint projects more than 40 projects, placed scientific research more than 6 million RMB, research result won 16 projects awards with the provincial level or above.

School of Accounting adheres to the concept of “solid foundation, wide opening, and stressing abilities”, based in Hebei province, open to the nation, taking into state and land resource industries, successively cultivate more than 5000 accounting, auditing and corporate finance professionals for the nation in the half of the century. Graduates with a solid foundation, pragmatic work of good quality and the best style, was widely welcomed by employers and praise.

Faculty in School of Accounting will continue to uphold the mission of our university, pioneering spirit, pragmatic innovation, tracking developments accounting discipline, focusing on the needs of society. We are working very hard to build our school to be the first-class base of teaching and scientific researching in land and resources industries and the accounting discipline in Hebei Province.

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