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Institute of Resources and Environmental Engineering

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The Institute of Resources and Environmental Engineering offers the platform for assets appraisal and application of 3S technology, and assistance with both teaching and researches in the university. The institute devotes to promotion of the scientific research projects, through the expansion of research teams from both in and out of campus. The achievements of the research projects shall be timely transformed into all teaching activities.

The Institute of Resources and Environmental Engineering abides by the Party policy of revival of the nation through science and education in order to meet the need for social development worldwide. The institute is intended to improve the research orientations by building more curricular clusters towards the progress of mass researches. There are now four research directions, applied geochemistry, mining economics, 3S technology, and mineral resources surveying and evaluation.

The institute has accomplished over 30 national and provincial-level research projects, and has won a silver medal for national scientific and technological progress, 15 second or third prizes awarded by Hebei Province and the Ministry of Land and Resources, 2 national patents, and a financial aid for research totaling 10 million yuan. The institute has had 8 academic books and 100 essays published.

The institute is eagerly looking forward to a close cooperation with experts from all walks of life in making the fundamental, strategic and prospecting contributions to a sustainable social and economic development.

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