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Graduate School

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The history of our graduate school may trace back to 1986 when we and other universities jointly began to offer Master’s degree graduate programs. In 2003, our university was authorized by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council to recruit Master’s degree graduates. At present, there are 5 eligible first-rate programs to offer Master’s degree, i.e., geology, geological resources and geological engineering, business and administration, management and engineering, and computer science and technology, 22 second-rate Master’s degree programs and 4 professional Master’s degree graduate programs, i.e., geological engineering, business and administration, accounting, and finance.

The Graduate School boasts 3 national-level demonstrative teaching centers, namely, the experimental center for geosciences, geomatics test center, and experimental center for business and administration, 5 provincial-level demonstrative teaching centers, i.e., the test center for environment of water resources, experimental center for jewelry and mineral processing, digital land experimental center, physics experimental center, and entrepreneurial simulation experimental center. Besides, there is a provincial-level outsourcing service base, 2 provincial-level key experimental labs, namely, the lab for sustainable utilization and development of water resources, and the lab for photoelectric information and geodetection, 6 provincial or ministerial-level research and development bases and centers, i.e., research base for mineral resource strategy and management of Hebei province, research base for the management of natural resources, assets and capital of Hebei province, research base for field observation of Ministry of Land and Resources, research base for development and management of mineral resources and the software transformation and upgrading of resource-based industries of Hebei Province, research and development center for ecogeological environment monitoring and early warning and prevention and control of geological disasters in universities of Hebei Province, and center for sustainable utilization of water resources and industrial restructuring and optimization of Hebei Province. All this acts as a platform to promote the graduate education and academic activities.

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