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School of Business

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The School of Business that was founded in 2003 is committed to the educational conception of honesty, knowledge, professionalism and innovation. Its objectives are to adapt to the globalization and the development of the socialist market economy, enhance its provincial-level key subject, business administration, promote the industrial business administration and marketing, and drive the balanced development of the curricula.

The School of Business has 1 provincial-level key subject, i.e., business administration and a high land for innovation of management in Hebei province, 1 first-rate Master’s degree graduate program in business administration (including business and tourism management) and 1 Master's professional degree graduate program in business administration (MBA). The school also offers 5 undergraduate programs of business management, marketing, human resources, tourism and logistics management. The business administration and marketing are national-level key programs, the previous of which has been approved of the third batch of national-level specialty and brand program in Hebei province. Management, marketing, human resources management, and compensation management are selected as provincial-level subjects. There are 12 professors, 23 associate professors, 23 of whom owns doctorate degree and 90% with Master's degree.

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