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The Laboratory for Sustainable Utilization and Development ofWater Resources in Hebei Province

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The lab has grown out of the like key labs owned by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and come into the management of Hebei Province by 2006. The cooperative or the project responsible unit, Hebei Geo University, is one of the earliest established universities directly under the Ministry of Land and Resources, whose subject, hydrogeology, is the pride for over 60 years.

The principal commitments of the lab for the sustainable utilization and development of water resources are strenuous exploration of the fundamentals of theoretical and applied researches, engaging in crucial projects and researches in relation to the specific demands of the water resources and environment in China. There are four research directions, i.e., groundwater seepage theory and numerical simulation, water resources evaluation and management, water-ecological environment effect and prevention and/or control, and geological disasters and prevention.

The lab has acquired experiences through its crucial projects and efforts in response to the national specific demands for water resources research and geo-ecological environmental protection. A peculiar system has come into form in sustainable development of water resources and geological researches and applications. Therefore, the lab has accomplished a series of research projects of national and provincial levels in relation to technological breakthroughs, natural funding, and supportive planning. A great success has been achieved in both theory and applications, with certain achievements reaching the international stature.

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