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School of Resources

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The School of Resources is one of the earliest departments of Hebei Geo University, and in the past 60 years, a large number of graduates have made great contributions to the industry of land and resources. The school has 3 undergraduate programs, namely, resource surveying engineering, geology, and geological engineering including the prospecting direction, 5 Master's degree graduate programs, namely, mineralogy, petrology, gitology, structural geology, geochemistry, paleontology and stratigraphy, survey and exploration of mineral resources, and 1 professional Master’s degree graduate program of geological engineering. The undergraduate program of resource surveying engineering is a national-level key program for comprehensive pilot reforms, while survey and exploration of mineral resources is the key program of Hebei province. The school owns 12 labs, 4 field practice bases, 20 practice and research bases, 1 innovation highland for geology and mineral resources of Hebei province, 2 provincial-level subjects and a highly efficient team of teaching staffs.

Professor Du Rulin has been awarded with the Li Siguang prize, and Professor Pang Qiqing has discovered, explored and named the North China Dragon, that represents the high level of academia. The school teachers have accomplished 70 scientific research projects in the past five years, 8 of which are of national level, and 20 provincial level. The projects have earned a supporting funding of over 56 million yuan, and 3 have been awarded with provincial-level prizes. The school has taken on a peculiar stature in the fields of mantle branch structure and deep prospecting, minerals and fluid thermodynamics, magmatism and mineralization effect, comprehensive information prospecting, sedimentary basin analysis and the like.

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