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School of Art and Design

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Being established in July 2011, the School of Art and Design has teaching sections of advertising, environmental art and design, visual art and design, product design, and an experimental center for art and design. Likewise, there are programs of advertising, environmental art and design, visual art and design, and product design. The experimental center is co-funded by the central and local authorities.

The School of Art and Design has 35 teachers. 3 of them are professors and 6 associate professors. A few well-known scholars have acted as visiting professors from Beijing Normal U niversity, Wuhan University, and Central Academy of Fine Arts. Moreover, the superintendent of Beijing Mingyi Decoration Company and a few other professionals have been invited to act as facilitators or tutors. In 2016, the program of environmental art and design, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, started its international cooperative class, namely, the 3+1 program, with Wonkwang University of South Korea.

The School of Art and Design has recently set up a close cooperation with quite a few brilliant enterprises, and established 10 practice bases nationwide to promote the creativity of the students. In 2015, a funding was established by Beijing Mingyi Decoration Company as a scholarship for our school. Our students have been awarded with prizes by the Ministry of Education for brilliant performances on the national advertising competition for college students, and an art festival, sponsored by China Advertising Association. Besides, they have also won the national-level silver and the bronze medals in the largest-scale advertising competition for college students among the Global Chinese Regions.

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