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School of Mathematics and Physics

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The School of Mathematics and Physics includes two undergraduate programs of mathematics and applied mathematics, and information and computing science, with 23 professors and associate professors, 2 university-level model teachers, and 3 key youth teachers. 48 teaching staffs have owned graduate or higher educational background, taking 81.4 percent of the total. 11 of themhave doctorate degree.

The School of Mathematics and Physics is committed to the updated teaching ideas and innovative teaching designing for all teachers. The math teachers have achieved medals out of teaching competitions at all levels. Zhang Yuping, a young teacher of mathematics has won the gold medal in the 2nd All-China Teaching Competition for University Youth Teachers, and May the First Medal of Hebei Province.

The School of Mathematics and Physics is devoted to the creativity, organizing and encouraging students to take an active part in the national mathematical modeling and mathematics competitions. Consequently, 7 national-level gold medals, 30 silver medals, 45 provincial-level gold medals and 62 silver medals have been successively earned. The physics experimental center also develops innovative contests, and has won a few awards out of the physics competitions for college students in Beijing and Hebei. The competition works have been granted a number of patents.

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