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Cyber Security Laboratory

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Being set up in 2006, the Cyber Security Laboratory(Lab for short)has relied on the advantageous disciplines of the university, such as computer science and technology, whose network engineering, software engineering, communication engineering, information technology and computing science to assist with teaching, researches and technical services.

The director and key researchers are selected for the lab for such teaching sections as virtual public opinion monitoring, WEB intelligence lab, and cloud computing lab. The lab is committed to the graduation thesis guidance for undergraduates and graduates, and extensive academic exchanges at the same time.

The GB/T19001-2008 standards have been established as the quality management system for the cyber security lab, with working manuals and codes compiled for the lab. The virtual surveillance over the community public opinion, WEB intelligence and cloud computing are formed, so that the cyber expressions, structural assumptions and parameter estimations have been made accessible to solutions to the large-scale network in communities. Likewise, the public opinion-based monitoring models have been created in virtual communities, with autonomic and granular computing set to work for the research of Web intelligence theory. Web expressions, Web retrieval and reasoning, Web mining, network immune strategies for Web intelligence applications are under way. The programming model, mass data storage technology, massive data management technology in the cloud computing, virtualization technology, has filled the blank outside the fields of study on cryptography, security protocols, the cyber security and theories and techniques of anti-information for the national and provincial-level key lab.

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