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School of Business and Economics

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The School of Business and Economics is one of the best schools in terms of social influence and stature. The school has undergraduate programs in economics, finance, and international business and economics, in addition to Master’s degree graduate programs in demography, resources and environmental economics, and finance. The school has two key programs: demography, resources and environmental economics as Hebei provincial-level key program and statistics as the university-level key program. There are 4 undergraduate programs, namely, economics, finance, economic statistics, international business and economics; 2 new programs, finance (known also as for "3 + 1" international class, co-sponsored with University of Ulster, and approved by the Ministry of Education), and venture investment. Besides, there are 2 Master’s degree graduate programs, namely, demography, resources and environmental economics (for academic degree), and finance (for professional degree). In addition, there are also a north European research center and a research center for energy conservation and emission reduction. There are four teaching sections of economics, finance, statistics, and international business and economics, and an integrative simulation lab. The subject of statistics is known as the core subject in Hebei Province, and microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and statistics are also provincial-level core subjects.

In recent years, the teaching staffs have had their 200 and more articles published on Economics Research Journal, Guangming Daily (theoretical edition), Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics, Economic Management and other periodicals. 31 academic works and course books have been published, and 120 provincial-level projects accomplished. 20 provincial-level awards have been earned including 2 national-level silver medals and 2 provincial-level gold medals.

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