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School of Information Technology

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The School of Information Technology owns five undergraduate programs, namely, computer science and technology, cyber engineering, software engineering, communication engineering and electronic information engineering, and there are 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students at present time. Computer science and technology, and information and communication engineering are first-class undergraduate programs. Moreover, computer science and technology is the key subject in the university, and also a pilot program for undergraduate reforms by the Ministry of Education. At the same time, this school is named the pilot unit for reforms by the Education Department of Hebei Province.

In 2006, the major of computer science and technology began to enroll its Master's degree graduate students. At present, the school offers three directions for Master’s degree graduates, i.e., computer systems, computer software and theories, computer applications and technology. Fruitful awards have been achieved in intelligent computing, data mining, machine learning, geological information processing and optical fiber communication. Namely, over 80 provincial level (or above) research projects, and 40 items of patents, inventions, or software intellectual property right have been awarded.

The School of Information Technology adheres to the conceptions of open education, and has successively accomplished an extensive exchange and cooperation with University of Science and Technology of China, Wuhan University, Xiamen University,ChinaUniversity of Geosciences, Guizhou University, Pace University of USA, and Wonkwang University of South Korea.

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