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Dr. Liu Wei Participates in the 48th China Ocean Scientific Expedition

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November 7, 2018, the 48thChina Ocean Scientific Expedition vessel returned to port after successfully completing the deep-sea resources and environment examination in northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Ocean No.1 successfully completes the 48th navigation and returns to Qiangdao.

The Ocean No. 1, vessel of this expedition, set sail from Qingdao on July 31. The whole expedition was consisted of two parts, spending 100 days, and covering 13 thousand nautical miles. The team was formed by 64 scientists from 25 institutes nationwide. Dr. Liu Wei from the School of Resources of HGU participated in this expedition and achieved the title of Excellent Individual as well as that of Excellent group.

The institutes in the second part of the 48th navigation (Dr. Liu is the first on the right in the first row)

Honor certificates

Li Bo, Deputy-Director of China Ocean Mineral Resources R&D Association said that China stresses the exploration as well as the environmental protection of deep-sea. The mission of this expedition is to conduct a comprehensive survey on the seamounts of northwestern Pacific Ocean.

The team members are assigning and preparing for the task (Dr. Liu is the second on the right)

Although there were various disadvantages, the members carry forward the spirit of ocean: science, exploration, dedication and peace, and finally completed the task, obtaining numerous achievements in the area of northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Dr. Liu Wei’s participation in this project has deepened the exchange and cooperation between our university and those institutes and universities who are top-ranking in the studies in ocean, and promoted our development in the related disciplines.

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