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Good News: The opening ceremony of the Confucius Classroom jointly built by HGU and VSB has been held

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On March 20, a delegation from our university, headed by President Wang Fengming, participated in the opening ceremony of VSB Confucius Classroom. Confucius Classroom at Technical University of Ostrava is authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and jointly built by Hebei GEO University and Technical University of Ostrava.

In the morning, Wang Fengming met with the President of VSB and signed the executive agreement and statute of the council of the Confucius Classroom. Relevant officials from Chinese Embassy are invited to the meeting.

The opening ceremony of VSB Confucius Classroom formally started at 12:00. President Wang delivered a speech and unveiled the Confucius Classroom together with the President of VSB. Wang Fengming said that that the Confucius Classroom should not only be a platform for the spread of Chinese language and Chinese culture, but also perform its significant function under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative and the framework of 16+1 Cooperation, becoming the bridge of communication and cooperation of the higher education and scientific research between our two universities, our two provinces and even the two countries.

Under the great support offered by Chinese Embassy to Czech Republic, the cooperation between the two universities as well as the coordination of Confucius Institute at Palacky University and other partner universities in Czech Republic, after the ceremony, we successfully a Chinese cultural activity. The activity attracted over 300 people from all walks of life.

During the activity, Wang Fengming visited the 8 young teachers from our university who are doing doctor’s degree in VSB. After the activity, Wang Fengming had a meeting with the President of VSB. They had a deep discussion on the exchange and cooperation in humanity and social science, and reached a preliminary agreement on the establishment of the major of Czech language, joint education, student exchange, teacher training and research cooperation.

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