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New Milestone: Professor Zhai Zhiqiang is Engaged as HGU’s Foreign Vice-President of Academics

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In January 13, the appointment ceremony of Professor Zhai Zhiqiang, HGU’s new Foreign Vice-President of Academics, was held. Professor Zhai, the university leadership, directors of relevant schools and divisions and representatives of the teachers attended the ceremony. The Vice-President Zhang Xiaoping presided over the event.

In the opening speech delivered by President Wang Fengming, he extended warm welcome to Professor Zhai and showed appreciation of Professor Zhai’s dedication and conscientiousness. President Wang described this event as a vital milestone in the development of the university. This is the first time that HGU employed a foreign vice-president of Academics and would play an important role in international exchange and cooperation, the broadcast of our academic results, the development of young faculty, and the extension of our research in environment. Afterwards, President Wang, on behalf of Hebei GEO University, together with Professor Zhai signed the appointment contract and awarded the certificate of appointment.

Professor Zhai zhiqiang thanked the University’s trust and encouragement and showed his willingness to join HGU. During the event, he also gave some advice on the development of the University. Since the University just changed its name and the new campus is under construction, Zhai suggested that we should seize the international and domestic opportunities, further developing our advantage disciplines, and at the same time by integrating those disciplines into others, making our university more distinctive and competitive.

Li Jun made a speech on behalf of the University’s Party Committee. He stated that all the divisions and departments should follow and cooperate with President Zhai, improving us to a high-level university.

Brief Introduction of Professor Zhai Zhiqiang:

Zhai Zhiqiang, born in July, 1971, achieved doctor’s degree in Tsinghua University and M.I.T.. He is a professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program and has been offered a lifetime professorship by the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been committed to researches including sustainable construction and indoor air quality, enjoying a high reputation worldwide. Professor Zhai has achieved fruitful results in his fields and has promoted the development of related studies. His findings have been cited and introduced by top academic journal in the world, such as theScience. Meanwhile, he also received the interviews from various media including NBC.

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