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Li Zhaoxing Visits HGU and Delivers a Speech

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On March 2, the former Foreign Minister and the former chairman of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, Li Zhaoxing, who is known as the‘poetic diplomat’, visited our university and delivered an extraordinary speech:Theres So Much More to Say About Diplomacy. As an outstanding diplomat, Mr. Li fully showed his humor, wisdom, modesty and affection. His two-and-half hour speech was greeted with storms of applause.

Have a clear idea of what you are going to do

Recalling his experience from elementary school to university, Mr Li indicated that‘One must have a clear idea and target of what you are going to do and loving your motherland as well as the people is your target and guide line.’ On mentioning his work as the Foreign Minister, he said his tip is learning by doing and told the students the importance of mutual learning, never afraid of asking.

Love our motherland! Long live the people!

‘Love our motherland!’ is the sentence Li Zhaoxing used to describe his diplomatic career. He emotionally recalled his three foreign teachers and the same talk they told him: the first thing to learn a foreign language is to learn your mother tongue well. He told the students presented seriously that only those who love their motherland and culture can win the respect of international friends.

For several times, during the speech, Mr. Li pointed out the fact that the people is the life source of a nation; only the people can be immortal. Mr. Li ended his speech with the General Secretary, Xi Jinping’s words: the working people are the people we depend on for our livelihood.

After the speech, Li Zhaoxing amiably interacted with the students, answering their questions and taking photos with them. Then, he visited HGU’s Geo-Science museum accompanied by Li Jun, Head of University Council, and Wang Fengming, president of HGU. In the perspective of diplomacy, he gave a lot of precious opinions.

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