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HGU successfully holds the first International New Year Party

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In order to celebrate the forthcoming Christmas and New Year, on the evening of December 21, the university staged the first International New Year Party in the center of Student Union. The party was jointly held by the International Education Exchange Center and theCommunist Youth League Committee. Li Jun, the Head of University Council , Liu Yaohui, the Vice-President of Student Affairs , and Zhang Xiaopeng, the Vice-President of International Affairs, attended the event as special guests.

During one and a half hour’s show, over 300 spectators were treated with colorful and exhilarating programs including traditional Chinese dances, Chinese cultural presentations and folk music by faculties and students from various departments. Moreover, the international students and faculties also provided their impressive performance.White Christmas sang by Greg and the guitar performance of Roger and Yun Bora, their melodious voice and rhythm, won applause from the audience. The poems recited by the six international students showed us their achievement of Chinese learning in less than three months. The taekwondo show led by the Korean lecturer and the Czech dance by our Czech lecturer Hanka featured the diversity culture of different nations. The event was an audio and visual feast, blending eastern and western cultures.

While enjoying the exhilarating performance, off the stage, Li Jun, Liu Yaohui and Zhang Xiaoping had amiable interaction with our international students and faculties, learning their studying, working and living conditions in HGU.

The ending song,the brightest star in the night sky performed by the students from Foreign Language Department brought the party to a conclusion.

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