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Mr. Zhao Jianxia, Teacher of the School of Gemology and Material Technology, Wins the Gold Award in the 16th International Jewelry Design Contest

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Mr. Zhao Jianxia, teacher of the School of Gemology and Material Technology and now studying for his doctorate in Korean Wonkwang University sponsored by HGU, has won a gold award for his work ‘Gui’ (Return) in the Group of Object Design of the 6thInternational Jewelry Design Contest On December 5.



This contest is held by Korea Precious Metal and Gem Design Association and sponsored by Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Korea International Trade Association etc. It has attracted not only the local Korean designers but also those from more than 30 other countries including China, Japan and the US with 190 entries. Finally, Mr. Zhao achieved the gold award for his outstanding design concept and excellent manufacturing process.

Mr. Zhao’s entry is inspired by affection for his families and hometown. By using his professional designing method and the essential geometrical element which bring the beauty back to its most original stage, his work is filled with the devotion of the designer as well as the homesickness one could never forsake.

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