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A Brief Introduction of Graduate School in Hebei GEO University

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Since 1986, Hebei GEO University has enrolled graduates independently and jointly with China University of Geosciences, Capital University of Economics and Business, and Tianjin University. And in 2003, Master’s degree Program was approved in Hebei GEO University by the Degree Committee of the State Council. With years of reform and practice in graduate education, the university has accumulated a wealth of experiences in cultivating graduate students. Therefore, the quality of graduate cultivation and the academic level of scientific research have been improved continually. At present, our school has 5 first-level master degree programs, which includes Geology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and 22 second-level programs of five disciplines, which are Economics, Law, Science, Engineering, Management Science.

The First-level Discipline of Geology

This discipline is one of the characteristics of our university, including five secondary disciplines, Structural Geology, Mineral Deposit, Geochemistry, Ancient Biology and Stratigraphy. The applied research orientation mainly includes Mantle Branch Structure and Mineralization, Regional Tectonics and Tectonic Dynamics, Magmatism and Mineralization Effect, Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis, Energy Deposit and Ore Deposit Geochemistry, Gemology, Mineral Resource Assessment, Theory and Calculation of Geochemistry, Geochemistry and others. Moreover, the theory of "mantle branch structure" is put forward by a research team led by Professor Niu Shuyin in the field of mineralization and ore-controlling, which won the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progressive Award in Hebei province. Magmatism and Mineralization Effect, Theory and Calculation of Geochemistry have the significant influence in domestic similar disciplines; and the relevant results and achievements has been widely applied in domestic and overseas Geology and relative fields.

The First-level Discipline ofGeological Resources and Geological Engineering

This discipline, as one of pillour courses inour school, consists of threesubordinate disciplines which coverMineral Resources Prospecting and Exploration,Earth Exploration and Information Technology andGeological Engineering. The research orientation mainly includesDeep Mineralization Mechanism and Prospecting,Oil and Gas Basin Analysis and Exploration, Comprehensive Mineral Exploration Technology andEngineering Geophysical Prospecting Research Technology,Hydrogeology,Groundwater Science and Engineering,Mine Environment,Environment and Disaster Geology and so on. Fotunately, there is a large number of teaching, scientific research backbone working for this discipline, one of whom won the “Li Siguang Geological Science Award”, 6 of whom won the "State Council Government Subsidies", and 3 of whom won "National Excellent Teachers" and other honorary titles. In recent years, we have established some research centers, laboratories and key disciplines, such as National Science Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Education center of Geology and Mineral Resources in Hebei Province, Collaborative & nnovation Center of Sustainable use of Resources and Industrial Structure Optimization, Key Experimental Laboratory of Sustainable Water Resources Utilization in Hebei Province, Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Geology in Hebei Province, key disciplines of Hydrology and Water Resources, Mineral Prospecting and Exploration.

The First-level Discipline of Computer Science and Technology

This discipline includesthree subordinate branches ,ComputerArchitecture, Computer Software and Theory, and Computer Application Technology. Mainly, research orientations include Accommodation Calculation, Network Computing, Intelligent Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications, etc. This discipline aims at cultivating graduates with the geological feature of the university and proving high quality talents who performs well in the field of information technology tothe Ministry of Land Resourcesand Geological Prospecting Industry.The graduates programs of Computer Science and Technology include the Department of Information and Engineering, the Department of Mathematics,Key Laboratory of Master Mathematical Photoelectric Information and Earth Exploration Technology in Hebei province, and Network Information Security Laboratory. The predecessor of it was the research office established in 1981, which aimed at the demand of talents and development of IT in geological industries.As the provincial key university developed jointly by the Ministry of Land Resources and People’s Government of Hebei Province, it explores positively in developing the high-quality innovative talents in prevention ofgeological disasters and geological data. And it has gained so many national level and provincial level outstanding results.

The First-level Discipline of Management Science and Engineering

This discipline involves a few research orientation including National Land and Resources Management Engineering, Project Management, Real Estate Development and Management, etc. It inherits our school-running characteristic of “integration of Geological Economics, combination of Technology and Management”. After decades of exploration and accumulation, characteristic research fields are formed. National Land and Resources Management Engineering sets the sustainable exploitation and reasonable usage of the resources, such as mines and lands, within Hebei Province as its goal. They have been exploring the combine of resource optimization and the system of rational allocation in order to promote the regional coordinative development of economy, to realize the organic integration and harmonious development of significant factors, like resources, environment, technology, economy as well as management. Project Management synthesize and integrate the contemporary project methods. They put the evaluation of projects processing under the background of regional social economic development, and the evaluation and assessment of the project-running process helps to realize the management of the project’s overall process; thus, it works more distinct than the traditional management. Regional Ecological Management Engineering studies the internal relation between urban ecologicalizationand industrial development, which brings industrial structureoptimization into the urban-ecologicalization developing system, establishes an industrial technology innovative platform, and vivifies the cluster development of regional industries. The research team of Innovation and Career-creating Management take the lead in the research of this field in Hebei Province. This team set the career-creating activities and process as their research object, the interaction of entrepreneurial factors as a view. Using methods like dynamic tracking and experimental study, from the level of individual career-creating expansion to corporate and social extent, they have realized a bidirectional optimal interaction in cultivating the talent and scientific research.

The First-level Discipline of Business Administration

This discipline includes four secondary disciplines which are Accounting, Business Management, Tourism Management, Technology Economy and Management.The research orientation mainly includes the Accounting Theory and Methods, Cost and Management Accounting Practice, Strategic Management of Enterprises and Corporate Governance, Marketing Management, the Geological Tourism ResourcesDevelopment, and Project Evaluation and Investment Decision and so on. Our university has been equipped with Accounting and Geological Economic Management and many other disciplines as early as in 1954, which was the earliest geological academy with the economics majors and directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Geology. At the beginning of establishing Business Management discipline, it determined the development strategy which is training “the Confucianism trade in New Age to adapt to Globalization and Socialist Market Economy”(it is called “New Confucian Business”), it insists on the discipline construction for flagship, and also persist in training high quality graduate students as the key work, to vigorously promote the teaching and scientific research. In the aspect of teaching, this discipline strives to effectively combine our Chinese traditional culture with social and economic development, in order to actively explore and adapt to the new education mode. In the aspect of the scientific research, this discipline depends on the provincial-level key disciplines, develops disciplines and provincial-level innovation highland, to strengthen the scientific research, especially highlight the aspect of “integration of Geological Economics, combination of Technology and Management”. Thus, it gradually forms the mechanism of “talent cultivation, scientific research, serving for the local economic construction and land and resources industry”.

The Master Cultivation Disciplines & Research Orientations

Subject Categories

First-level Discipline

Second-level Discipline

Study Direction


Theoretical Economics

Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

01Resource Economics

02Environmental Economics

03 Sustainable Development Strategy and Policy

04 Resource and Environment Accounting

05 Investment Economics

06Ecological Economics

07 Regional Economics

08 Industry Economics



Environmentand Resources Protection Law

01The basic theory of Law Environment and Resources Protection Law

02Natural Resource Protect law

03Pollution Prevention Law

04International Environmental Law



Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology

01 Magmatic Action and Mineralization Effect

02 Applied Mineralogy

03 Sequence Stratigraphy and Energy Basin Analysis

04 Mineral Deposits and Geochemistry of the Ore Deposits


06 Evaluation of Mineral Resources


01 Theory and Computational Geochemistry

02 Geochemistry and Geochemistry of Rocks Dynamics

03 Deposit and Exploration Geochemistry

04 Applied Geochemistry

Ancient Biology and Stratigraphy

01 Modern Sstratigraphy

02 Ancient Creatures

03 Sedimentary Geology

04 Petroleum and Natural Gas Geology

05 Isotopic Age

06Quaternary Geology and Environment

Structural Geology

01Mantle Branch Structure and its Metallogenic Ore-controlling

02 Regional Tectonics and Tectonic Dynamics

03 Petroleum Structure and Structure Analysis

Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology

01 Magmatic Action and Mineralization Effect

02 Applied Mineralogy

03 Sequence Stratigraphy and Energy Basin Analysis

04 Mineral Deposits and Geochemistry of the Ore Deposits


06 Evaluation of Mineral Resources


Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

Mineral Resources Prospecting and Exploration

01Deep Mineralization Mechanism and Prospecting

02Oil and Gas Basin Analysis and Exploration

03Comprehensive Mineral Exploration Technology

04 Prospecting mineralogy

05 Environmental Geochemistry

06 Engineering Detection Technology

Earth Exploration and Information Technology

01Engineering Geophysical Prospecting Research Technology

02Hydrogeology (Underground Water)

03Environment and Disaster Geology

04 Hydrogeological Engineering Environmental Exploration and Research

Geological Engineering

01Groundwater Science and Engineering

02 Hydrogeological Engineering Environmental Technology Science

03Mine Environment

04 Falling and Landslide Hazards Predict and Forecast

05 Foundation Treatment and Deep Foundation Pit

Computer Science and Technology

Computer Architecture

01 Fault-tolerant Computing

02 Network Computing

03 Embedded System and Construction

Computer Software and Theory

01 Intelligent Computing

02 Trusted Computing

03 Internet Search and Mobile Computing

Computer Application Technology

01 Artificial Intelligence and Its Application

02 Database and Data Mining Technology

03 The Application of Computer in Geoscience


Management Science and Engineering

Management Science and Engineering

01 Land and Resources Management Project

02 Project Management

03 Real Estate Development and Management

Business Administration


01 Accounting Theory and Methods

02 Cost and Management Accounting Practice

03 Corporate finance Theory and Methods

04 Auditing Theory and Methods

Business Management

01 Enterprise Strategy Management and Corporate Governance

02 Marketing Management

03 Human Resource Management

04 Logistics Management

Tourism Management

01 the Development of Geological Tourism Resources

02 Tourism Enterprise Operation and Management

Technology Economy and Management

01 Project Evaluation and Decision Making Investment

02 Entrepreneurship Management

03 Technological Innovation Management

Professional Disciplines

Geological engineering

01 Hydrological geology and Engineering geology

02 Mineral Resource Protecting and Exploration

03 Geodetection and Information Technology

04 Land Resources Management Project

05 Gem Resource and Technology Development

06 Intelligent surveying equipment

07 Financial Management of Resource

08 Mineral Resource Management Project

Master of Finance

01 The Plan of Financial Management

02 Securities and Futures Investment

03 Actuarial Studies

Master of Business Administration

01 Business Strategy and Human Resource

02 Financial Management and Risks

03 Enterprise Operation and Modern Business

04Estate Development and Project Management

Master of Accounting

01Chief Financial Officer

02Certified Public Accountant Direction

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